Popping The Housing Affordability Myth

Home prices are horribly high in Australia. I think we can all agree on that point. But what is really driving this?  “Classic” economic theory is that supply and demand of property drives prices, so factors such a number of builds, population and migration, and planning controls are all to blame. Indeed, a recent paper … Continue reading “Popping The Housing Affordability Myth”

Migration and Housing Affordability

From The Conversation. So much of Australia’s history and success is built on immigration. Migrants have benefited incumbent Australians by raising incomes, increasing innovation, contributing to government budgets, smoothing over population ageing and diversifying our social fabric. But it is also true that immigration is affecting house prices and rents. Australian governments are squandering the … Continue reading “Migration and Housing Affordability”

Housing Affordability and Employment – The Property Imperative Weekly 27 Jan 2018

Housing in Australia is severely unaffordable, and despite the growth in jobs, unemployment in some centres is rising. We look at the evidence. Welcome the Property Imperative Weekly to 27th January 2018. Thanks to checking out this week’s edition of our property and finance digest.   Watch the video or read the transcript. Today we start … Continue reading “Housing Affordability and Employment – The Property Imperative Weekly 27 Jan 2018”

The Housing Affordability Crisis In Australia

Our latest Video Blog discusses the Demographia Housing Affordability Report with specific reference to Australia. The latest 14th edition of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2018, using 3Q 2017 data continues to demonstrate the fact that we have major issues here. There are no affordable or moderately affordable markets in Australia. NONE!

Discussing Housing Affordability

We discussed the latest Demographia report and housing affordability on 2GB today, with Ben Fordham. There are no affordable or moderately affordable markets in Australia. NONE! We have a structural problem. Housing Unaffordable In Australia – Demographia

The RBA On Housing Affordability

The RBA released their latest Bulletin today  and it contained an interesting section on Housing Accessibility For First Time Buyers.  They suggest that in many centers, new buyers are able to access the market, at the current low interest rates. But the barriers are significantly higher in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They also highlight that … Continue reading “The RBA On Housing Affordability”

Housing Affordability Improves For Some

From The Real Estate Conversation. Housing affordability has improved across all states and territories, allowing for a large increase in the number of loans to first-home buyers, according to the September quarter edition of the Adelaide Bank/REIA Housing Affordability Report. The report shows the proportion of median family income required to meet average loan repayments decreased … Continue reading “Housing Affordability Improves For Some”

Housing Affordability, A Complex Equation

Industry Super Australia, a research and advocacy body for Industry super funds, has published an excellent discussion paper on “Assisting Housing Affordability” which endeavors to identify the underlying causes of affordability issues, and to consider some useful policy responses in the current and historical context. They rightly consider both supply and demand related issues. They call … Continue reading “Housing Affordability, A Complex Equation”

Housing Affordability Eases for Some

The HIA says that despite the poor levels of housing affordability there are signs of improvement for home-buyers. Investors are not so lucky. “The HIA Housing Affordability index for Australia improved by 0.5 per cent in the September 2017 quarter but still remains 4.4 per cent below the level recorded a year ago. “Housing Affordability … Continue reading “Housing Affordability Eases for Some”

Housing Affordability Declines Further

HIA’s Affordability Index shows Housing affordability in Australia continued to decline in the June quarter this year. This is largely due to a rise in the median dwelling price of 9.1% per cent to a record high of $540,200. The HIA Affordability Index is produced quarterly and uses a range of data to including wages, … Continue reading “Housing Affordability Declines Further”