Auction Clearance Rates Still High, But On Lower Volumes

The preliminary auction clearance results are in from Domain. Nationally, it stands at 79.5% on 1,111 sales, compared with 71.8% last week and 69.7% a year ago. Melbourne has greater volume with 645 sold, at a rate of 81.7%, compared with 74.5% last week and 72.6% last year. Sydney cleared 388 at 80.3%, higher than last week.

Brisbane cleared 53% on 85 listed, Adelaide 73 on 65% and Canberra 58 on 64%.

So to real evidence to suggest a slowing market.

Latest Auction Results Still Uptempo

The preliminary auction clearance results today from Domain continue the trend of high clearance rates, even if absolute volumes were down a little from the highs of last week.

Sydney achieved 81.3% with 479 sales, compared with 74.4% last week on 591 sales. Melbourne achieved 80.5% on 627 sales, compared with 75.9% last week on 975 sales. The national clearance rate was 79.4%, compared with 73.7% last week and 65% last year.

Brisbane cleared 62% of 99 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 79% of 73 scheduled and Canberra 60% of 48 auctions.

Auction Run Continues

The latest preliminary data from Domain shows continuing momentum in today’s auction results.

Sydney achieved a clearance of 80.2% compared with 76.7% last week, and 61.4% last year. The volumes are also up. In Melbourne, clearance was 79.5%, higher than the 75.3% last week and nationally, clearances were at 78% compared with 73.8% last week.

Our surveys suggest that investors are rushing to purchase ahead of the upcoming budget in May, as they fear the generous tax breaks may disappear. First time buyers are being beaten to the punch.

Brisbane achieved 47% on 138 auctions, Adelaide 64% on 79 scheduled and Canberra 77% on 78.

Auction Results Volumes Down, Clearance Rates Up!

The preliminary results for today are in from Domain, and we see strong clearance rates in the main Sydney and Melbourne markets.

The national clearance rate was 77.6% compared with 74.3% last week, with 1,333 sold compared with 705 last week, and 1,897 last year.  Sydney achieved 82.2% with 443 sales and Melbourne 775 compared with 152 last week (a holiday weekend). So high clearance rates, but on lower sales volumes.

Brisbane cleared 53% of 105 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 64% of 68 scheduled and Canberra 68% of 83 scheduled auctions.

Auction Results – Is That A Wobble?

The preliminary auction clearance results from Domain, for today, on first blush looks strong, but below the surface, volumes were down.

Sydney clearance rates were at 82.9%, compared with 75.1% last week, and 69.5% a year ago. But the number of auctions were down, 458, compared with 597 last week and 502 this week last year.

In Melbourne (over a long weekend) clearances were 79.2%, compared with 78.3% last week and 67.4% this time last week. However, reported auctions were 152, compared with 1,071 last week and 316 last year.

Nationally, the clearance rate was 79.2%, compared with 75% last week and 65.7% last year. But reported auctions were just 700 compared with 1,915 last week and 958 last year.

Brisbane scheduled 113 auctions and achieved 52% clearance, Adelaide 56 scheduled auctions with a clearance of 66% and Canberra 22 auctions with 77% clearance.

So overall a mixed picture. Lets see if volume comes back next week, of whether this is a sign of some slowing in momentum.

Auction Clearances Through The Roof This Week

The preliminary auction clearance results from Domain for today nationally hit 77.9%, higher than last week, and the comparable week last year. The total volume of property listed was 2,158, higher than a year ago, but lower than last week. 1,329 properties were sold, compared with 1,906 last week and 1,289 a year ago.

Sydney cleared 78.3%, with 426 sold, whilst Melbourne cleared 80.6% with 772 sold.

Brisbane cleared 59% of the 118 auctions scheduled, Adelaide 67% of 78 and Canberra 68% of 83 auctions scheduled.

Today’s Auction Results Continues Strong Trend

Preliminary auction clearance results today from Domain show strong results again, though the preliminary result from Sydney last week stood at 83.1% compared with 80.2% this time around. Nationally clearance was 80.9% compared with 75.7% last week. This is higher than a year ago though on slightly smaller volumes. Melbourne stands at 82.4% compared with 76.1% last week on higher volumes.

Brisbane cleared 69% on 122 listed, Adelaide 81% on 90 listed and Canberra 77% from 79 listed.

Auction Clearance High, Again

The preliminary data from Domain shows that nationally auction clearances were 79.3% with 1,812 listed. Sydney cleared at 83.1% on 675 listed whilst Melbourne cleared 79% on 719 listed. All higher than last week and total volumes higher than a year ago – so no signs of slowing momentum so far.

Brisbane cleared 52% on 94 listed, Adelaide 71% on 70 listed and Canberra 79% on 65 listed.

Auction Clearances Are Running Hot

Today was a record heat-wave day down the east coast, and also a massive weekend for auction clearances according to the preliminary data from Domain.

Sydney achieved 84.2%, compared with 71.4% last week, and Melbourne hit 78.7% compared with 75.3% last week. Nationally, the clearance was 80.4%, compared with 68% last week, higher than a year ago also and a larger volume to boot!

Brisbane achieved 63% on 105 scheduled auctions, 79% in Adelaide on 73 listings, and Canberra reached 79% on 69 scheduled auctions.

High Auction Clearance Rates Continue

After the summer holidays, auctions are getting back into gear. The preliminary Domain results from today show that clearance rates remain elevated, though volumes are down on the weeks before Christmas.

Sydney achieved 78.8% and Melbourne 78.5%, both higher than last week, and higher than the same week last year. The national clearance rate was 72.6%.

Brisbane achieved 55% on 77 listings, Adelaide 58% on 91 auctions and Canberra 67% on 49 auctions.

The signs are that the property market momentum is being maintained.