Auction Results 19 Aug 2017

Domain has released the preliminary auction clearance results for today. Melbourne looks like it is leading the way at 78.3% clearance, ahead of Sydney. Still seems to be momentum in the main centres.

Brisbane achieved 50% clearance on 100 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 67% on 67 scheduled, and Canberra 74% of 37 scheduled auctions.


Auction Results 12 Aug 2017

The preliminary results from Domain are out, and, yes, we still have momentum so far as auction clearances are concerned. Sydney has a higher clearance rate at 73.7% compared with Melbourne, at 71.7, but more property continues to be sold in Melbourne. Most of the action remains in these two main centres.

Brisbane cleared just 41% of 78 scheduled auctions, Adelaide did a little better at 62% of 64 scheduled, and Canberra achieved a massive 91% clearance on 51 scheduled auctions. In fact, on several metrics the Canberra market could be said to be the most buoyant – helped by the Public Sector pay rises!

Things may change a bit a the results are finalised over the next few days. But seems to support our view that the market remains quite hot.

Auction Results 05 Aug 2017

The preliminary results from Domain are in, and they show a slowing of the volume of auctions on offer. Clearance rates though remain quite healthy.  Melbourne at 73.7% leads the charge, with 420 sold. Significantly higher than Sydney. Nationally 738 were sold, compared with 946 last week and 789 last year.

Brisbane cleared 55% of 98 auctions, Adelaide 67% of 31 auctions and Canberra 67% of 52.

Auction Results 29th July 2017

The preliminary results from Domain tell the same story, slowing volumes, but quite firm clearance rates. Melbourne is leading the charge with 76.2% clearance on 578 auctions, higher than last year.

Brisbane cleared 55% of 106 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 70% of 54 auctions and Canberra 90% of 37 scheduled.

Auction Results 22 July 2017 Remain Firm

The preliminary results from Domain show a continuing trend, with slightly lighter volumes, but strong preliminary clearance rates. Melbourne continues to lead the main centres, in terms of volume, but Sydney has a higher clearance rate. Rates are higher than this time last year.

Brisbane achieved 55% on 81 listings, Canberra made 72% from 36 and Adelaide 69% of 62 listed.

Auction Results

The preliminary auction clearance results from Domain show a national clearance rate of 72.6%, compared with last weeks final result of 66.7%. Melbourne is the hottest market, with a 77.3% clearance rate. Sales momentum remains strong, even if volumes are a little lower. No wonder home prices continue to defy gravity.

Brisbane cleared 41% on 94 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 84% on 41 listed and Canberra 63% of 36 scheduled.

Auction Results 24 June ’17

The preliminary auction results are out from Domain.  Sydney cleared 69.5% with 382 sold, compared with 464 last week and 406 last year. Melbourne sold 72.7% with 506 cleared, compared with 641 last week; so nationally, 70.3% cleared with 963 sold, compared with 66.3% last week when 1,197 sold, or last year when 65.2% cleared with 1,085 sold. So still life in the property market yet, with demand looking strong (at a time when some think first time buyers will wait for the 1 July grants and stamp duty relief).

Elsewhere Adelaide cleared 74% of 72 listed, Canberra cleared 70% of 53 listed and Brisbane cleared just 40% of 88 listed.

Auction Results 17 June 2017

The preliminary auction results for 17 June 2017 from Domain, show a national clearance rate of 71.3% with 1,041 sold, up from last week which was a long weekend, but lower than this time last year.

Sydney cleared 69.6% with 418 sold, compared with 72.2% with 654 sold this time last year. In Melbourne, 75.3% cleared with 549 sold compared with 69.2% with 654 sold this time last year. So some easing is visible.

Brisbane cleared 44% of 97 listed, Adelaide 80% of 72 listed and Canberra 55% of 53 listed.


Auction Results Long Weekend Dive

The preliminary data from Domain shows that yesterdays auction clearance volumes were down, to 413 nationally compared with 1,303 last week. However clearance rates are still sitting around 70%.

Brisbane cleared 60% of 87 scheduled, Adelaide cleared 68% of 45 scheduled, and Canberra cleared 63% of 31 listed.

Auctions – High Clearance Rate On Lower Volumes Today

The preliminary results from Domain are out and show continuation of trend with high clearance rates, but on lower volumes.

Sydney cleared 74.3% compared with 70.6% last week, with 445 sold. Melbourne cleared 75.9% compared with 73% last week, with 602 sold, and nationally, 74.2% or 1,139 sold compared with 70.1% 1,423.

Brisbane cleared 50% of 104 scheduled auctions, Adelaide 73% of 74 scheduled and Canberra 73% of 65 scheduled auctions.