Record numbers of home owners approaching Mortgage stress

From Ten Eyewitness News When it comes to paying off the Mortgage, it’s a slippery slope that could see the entire house of cards come tumbling down. New figures released by the Australian National University have found that one in five Aussies are constantly struggling to pay their mortgage, while others have admitted to falling … Continue reading “Record numbers of home owners approaching Mortgage stress”

Mortgage Stress On The Radio

I had the chance to discuss our latest mortgage stress research with Jon Faine on ABC Radio Melbourne today. The ABC also did an on-line segment based on the interview: Almost 52,000 Australian households are at risk of defaulting on their mortgages in the next 12 months and a quarter of home owners are under … Continue reading “Mortgage Stress On The Radio”

Wealthy feel pinch of housing costs as one in four Australians face mortgage stress

From The Guardian Australia. The burden of housing costs is biting even in Australia’s wealthiest suburbs as an unprecedented one in four households nationally face mortgage stress, according to the latest in a 15-year series of analyses. Households in Toorak and Bondi, prestigious pockets of affluence in Australia’s biggest cities, have made the list of … Continue reading “Wealthy feel pinch of housing costs as one in four Australians face mortgage stress”

What The Mortgage Stress Data Tells Us

Following the initial release yesterday, and the coverage in the AFR, today we drill down further into the latest mortgage stress results. By way of background, we have been tracking stress for years, and in 2014 we set out the approach we use. Other than increasing the sample, and getting more granular on household finance, … Continue reading “What The Mortgage Stress Data Tells Us”

Mortgage Stress And Default Probability Rise Again In April

Digital Finance Analytics has released new mortgage stress and default modelling for Australian mortgage borrowers, to end April 2017.  Across the nation, more than 767,000 households are now in mortgage stress (last month 669,000) with 32,000 of these in severe stress. This equates to 23.4% of households, up from 21.8% last month. We also estimate … Continue reading “Mortgage Stress And Default Probability Rise Again In April”

Record numbers under mortgage stress

From The Australian Financial Review. Record numbers of Australian households face mortgage stress as large loans and rising interest rates start to bite, according to detailed analysis of lending, repayments and household incomes. Affluent suburban postcodes feature among an estimated 1000 households a week expected to face mortgage default over the next 12 months, the analysis … Continue reading “Record numbers under mortgage stress”

It’s Not Just Low Income Households In Mortgage Stress

So the banking analysts are lining up to talk about the risks in the housing market, and the potential impact on bank earnings. But the latest line being peddled is that the major risks are located among low income – small mortgage – urban fringe – households. But this is just not true. Our household … Continue reading “It’s Not Just Low Income Households In Mortgage Stress”