Auction Clearance Rates Still High, But On Lower Volumes

The preliminary auction clearance results are in from Domain. Nationally, it stands at 79.5% on 1,111 sales, compared with 71.8% last week and 69.7% a year ago. Melbourne has greater volume with 645 sold, at a rate of 81.7%, compared with 74.5% last week and 72.6% last year. Sydney cleared 388 at 80.3%, higher than … Continue reading “Auction Clearance Rates Still High, But On Lower Volumes”

The Property Imperative Weekly Launched

Today we launch the first of our regular Property Imperative Weekly Update Blogs and Vlogs; the next stage in the development of the Digital Finance Analytics site and in response to requests for a summary service. We have been publishing regular reports on the residential property and mortgage industry in Australia for many years, in … Continue reading “The Property Imperative Weekly Launched”

What is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?

From The Conversation. Since the 2007 global financial crisis, policy makers have been fighting deflationary (falling prices) and disinflationary (prices rising at slow rate) pressures. But the global economy finally appears to be entering reflation – a period of higher prices together with stronger growth. This is good news for households, businesses and governments around … Continue reading “What is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?”

Banks and Fintech – Where Do They Fit?

US Fed Governor Lael Brainard spoke on “Where Do Banks Fit in the Fintech Stack?” at the Northwestern Kellogg Public-Private Interface Conference on “New Developments in Consumer Finance: Research & Practice” In particular she explored different approaches to how banks are exposing their data in a fintech context and the regulatory implications. Smaller banks may … Continue reading “Banks and Fintech – Where Do They Fit?”

Don’t bet the house on a property market correction

From The New Daily. Experts have warned against predicting that property prices have peaked just yet. A flurry of headlines this week generated by UBS analysts, Australian Financial Review columnists and others all warned that Sydney and possible Melbourne prices had peaked and we should brace for a correction. Most were based on slower price … Continue reading “Don’t bet the house on a property market correction”

New statistical methods would let researchers deal with data in better, more robust ways

From The Conversation. No matter the field, if a researcher is collecting data of any kind, at some point he is going to have to analyze it. And odds are he’ll turn to statistics to figure out what the data can tell him. A wide range of disciplines – such as the social sciences, marketing, … Continue reading “New statistical methods would let researchers deal with data in better, more robust ways”

Sydney property prices down: CoreLogic

From The Real Estate Conversation. CoreLogic has revealed the property market has been largely flat during the month of April, ahead of the release of its end-of-month numbers on Monday. CoreLogic’s hedonic home value index for Australia’s top five property markets held virtually steady in the first 27 days of the month, indicating that the current cycle … Continue reading “Sydney property prices down: CoreLogic”

Prudential perspectives on the property market

Wayne Byers APRA  Chairman spoke at  CEDA’s 2017 NSW Property Market Outlook in Sydney  today.  Of note, he explains the reason why the 10% investor speed limit was not reduced, because of the potential impact on commercial propery construction! My remarks today come, unsurprisingly, from a prudential perspective. Property prices and yields, planning rules, the … Continue reading “Prudential perspectives on the property market”

ANZ Hikes Investor Loans (Again)

From ONE of the nation’s largest banks ANZ has lifted interest rates on home loan deals. The bank has followed in the footsteps of rivals the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac, moving interest rates on both owner occupier and investor loans. Some of the moves also include decreases and are effective immediately. The moves come … Continue reading “ANZ Hikes Investor Loans (Again)”

Investor Loan Growth Outpaces Owner Occupied In March

The latest data from the RBA, the credit aggregates, shows that loan growth was strongest for investment home loans, at an annualised rate of 7.1% compared with owner occupied loans at 6.2%. Business lending fell again, and personal credit continues to fall. The proportion of lending to business fell to 32.8% (a record low) and … Continue reading “Investor Loan Growth Outpaces Owner Occupied In March”